The Public Hearing for 28 Floors (2538 Birch St.) will be held at 6 pm, on July 9, 2020.  The City's new "virtual" Public Hearing format provides the ability to address Council in writing, over the phone, and in person.  Council themselves are working from home right now, so it is only the Clerks and perhaps the Mayor who are in chambers.  The Hearing's audio is captured and streamed via the Internet, but only video of the overhead presentation is shared.  

We need a HUGE turn-out at the Public Hearing to overwhelm Council, and to make our opposition clear:  

  1. Your letter and speech can be as simple as "I live in Vancouver and I oppose the 28-storey rezoning proposed for 2538 Birch Street," or more detailed and lengthy.    

  2. It is essential that everyone communicate their opposition in writing.  See below for instructions on how to submit your letter to Council.

  3. We encourage you to address Council via phone, although you need to be prepared to queue on the phone for a while.  To understand how the meeting is progressing, you can watch the video stream, or follow the City Clerk on Twitter (see below).        


The following provides information for sending your comments to Council, requesting to speak, watching the meeting live, accessing Council's agenda, and monitoring it using Twitter.  


  • Provide Comments:  Submit your written comments using the online form:   

    • Click here to access the "Contact City Council about public hearing agenda items..."

    • Scroll down to the area titled "Public hearing correspondence"

    • For the Subject line, enter:  "July 9, 2020, CD-1 Amendment: 2538 Birch Street"

    • For the Position, choose "Oppose"

    • Type your comments in the box or attach your letter at the bottom.

    • Complete the form.  Do not enter anything in "Organization you represent".

  • Request to Speak:  You can submit your request via email, phone, or online.  Registration is now open, and we encourage you to register before 5 pm on July 9, 2020:​​

    • Online:  To access webpage, (click here).

    • Scroll 1/2 way down the page to the heading "July 9, 2020 public hearing",

    • Select the agenda item "CD-1 Amendment: 2538 Birch Street...",

    • Choose your method of speaking (i.e., By phone or In person).  

    • Email:  Send your request to publichearing@vancouver.ca.  For the Subject line, enter:  "July 9, 2020, CD-1 Amendment: 2538 Birch Street"

    • Phone:  Call 604-829-4238 

  • When is it My Turn To Speak?

    • Watch the Meeting:  You can tune into a live stream of the meetings through the City’s website (click here).  

    • Twitter:  Monitor the progression of the meeting and speakers by following the City Clerk's Twitter account (click here).  You DO NOT need a Twitter account to do this.

    • If the meeting runs out of time, it may be adjourned to another day, and speakers will continue on that day.  We will keep you informed.  

  • Council Agenda:  The meeting agenda for July 9, 2020 can be found on the City’s website (click here). 

  • More Tips:  For a helpful video and other tips on addressing Council, click here.​

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