Precedent & Timing with Broadway Plan


  • We need everyone to speak at the Public Hearing, and write to Council.  It's important to share your thoughts on this rezoning, but remember that you can make your speech and letter as simple as "I live in Vancouver and I oppose the 28-storey rezoning proposed at 2538 Birch Street."  

  • Both in speaking and in writing, keep your message respectful, factual, clear, succinct and convey it in your own words.  Try to avoid being overly inflammatory or emotional - it doesn't play well with Council, and can be counterproductive. 

  • You can use your written feedback as a script for addressing Council as well.

  • When addressing Council, whether in person or on the phone, you will have 5 minutes to speak.  We encourage you to practice beforehand, and to time yourself.  Aim for 4-and-a-half minutes, to give yourself some wiggle room.

  • For information on how to sign up to speak at the Public Hearing, how to send your letter, and helpful tips for addressing Council, click here.

Components of your Letter & Speech

  • Introduction:  State your name, the city/neighbourhood where you live, whether you’ve ever rented in Vancouver, and the number of years you’ve rented.  Start your letter and speech with a general statement that you oppose the 28-storey rezoning proposed at 2538 Birch Street, and support the approved 16-storey rezoning, and the 153 rental units it will provide.  You may also want to tell Council that you support rentals and affordable housing, but that they shouldn't come at the expense of livability and healthy communities.   

  • Talking Points:  Choose two or three of the topics below that are important to you, and speak/write about them.  We've provided several arguments for each topic, but don't try to use all of them, you'll run out of time. Remember to use your own words - don't cut & paste. 

  • Conclusion:  Summarize your points and finish with:

"Please reject this Rezoning Application."

Talking Points

Schools, Parks & Recreation 


Integrity of Process & Optics

Financial Impacts