As questions from mounted from residents, Councillors and the media, internal correspondence shows City Staff and Gil Kelley scrambling to figure-out why 2538 Birch was allowed to proceed during the Broadway Plan and making sure everyone had their stories straight before the June 26, 2019 Open House.  

Through a Freedom of Information request, the Fairview/South Granville Action Committee (FSGAC) has received internal City Hall correspondence 

The Fairview/South Granville Action Committee's 600+ supporters believe in density and affordable housing, but not at any expense.  Density shouldn’t destroy neighbourhood character and reduce livability for generations, and it certainly shouldn't threaten seniors who wish to stay in the home and community that they know.  Jameson’s 28 floor building is incompatible with the character of the neighbourhood and is not a part of a consistent, well-thought-out plan for Broadway, Fairview and South Granville.  The density it proposes will impose unplanned stress upon the infrastructure, services and resources of the surrounding neighbourhoods and provide minimal benefits, for a short period of time.  Perched on top of Fairview and more than double the height of neighbouring towers, this new building will punctuate the south shore skyline, and cast a long shadow over Fairview and South Granville.  This is a watershed moment - if Jameson's proposal is allowed to proceed, other 28 floor buildings (or taller) will follow in the future.  

We support Jameson's approved application for a 16 floor building and strongly object to its proposal for a 28 floor building.  Furthermore, we agree with the City's moratorium on rezoning along Broadway while the Broadway planning process is underway.  This kind of incongruent development is precisely what the moratorium is intended to protect against, until the Plan is completed.